Car RC cancellation, Deregistration

Car RC cancellation is a legal process where vehicle is considered scrapped and car is officially considered in no longer existence or registered to anyone. RC deregistration is done by State RTO and rules and fee vary from state to state. Registration and Cancellation of RC comes under jurisdiction of State government. In almost all state, it is done by same authority or RTO, where vehicle was initially registered.

Procedure for deregistration/RC cancellation

  • Car is Scrapped with a car scrap dealer. Car chassis is also scrapped and chassis number is taken out by cutting metal. This is to be submitted with RTO as a proof of car being scrapped.
  • An affidavit is made by owner that car is being scrapped. If you opt to get deregistered through Cartiff, we will get affidavit for you.
  • If car RC is lost then NC (Non Cognizable) report copy might also be required, this depends on RTO.
  • All car documents like insurance, RC are submitted to RTO where car was registered.
  • RTO deregisters the car, generally no certificate is issued, same can be obtained using an RTI.

Cartiff will do all deregistration formalities for you and you can opt for getting it done through us with a nominal fee of RC 1500 per Car.


  • If you have purchased your car without paperwork, you need to get papers signed from RC holder for car RC cancellation. All papers will be made in name of original car owner or by a person who can legally entitled to do so.
  • If your car RC is lost then Cartiff will first confirm your car ownership with RTO with duplicate RC and then proceed for cancellation.
  • As mentioned earlier it is optional to get car RC cancelled with the help of Cartiff. You can yourself approach RTO and request it, Cartiff will assist you in understanding car RC cancellation process.

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