Cartiff Car scrapping procedure

This page explains car scrapping procedure followed by Cartiff for online car scrapping serice. This procedure ensures environment safety, prevent car misuse and recycle where ever viable. Read below to know the process for selling a car for scrap.

1. Selling a car for Scrap

  • You share your car details like Registration/Ownership, loan details, make, model, condition, details of accessories etc.
  • On receipt of above details, Cartiff shares a quote for your car and describes you the process.
  • Cartiff verifies ownership and history for pending challan, loan or cases.
  • Cartiff executive visits your place and verifes car and documents.

2. Scrap Deal and Paper work

  • On completion of due diligence of vehicle by Cartiff executive, he will pay you agreed value along with assurance note.
  • Assurance note mentions that the liability of car after date and time mentioned in the assurance note rests with Cartiff or with an ‘associate of Cartiff.
  • This will make you free from any legal liability arising from misuse of car.
    • Note: Cartiff will tow away your car at its own expense.

3. Scrapping of the Car

  • Cartiff takes out chassis number from car body by cutting out metal.
  • Chassis number is handed to you if you don’t choose to get your car deregistered with the help of Cartiff.
  • If you choose to get your car deregistered Cartiff will handover chassis number to Authority.
    • Note: Cartiff strongly recommends deregistration of your car.

4. Disposal of Car Scrap

  • Cartiff takes out hazardous fluids and battery out of car for safe disposal.
  • Scrap metal is taken, shredded properly and sold to scrap dealer.
  • Some spare parts (not bearing any identity) are recycled.
    • Note: During the disposal process all car body parts bearing any identity number mentioned in registration are shredded to prevent misuse.

Some Notes regarding car scrapping procedure:

  • If your RC is lost, cartiff can help you in getting duplicate RC for scrapping(if required).
  • If you have purchased the car without paper work, cartiff needs to contact original paper owner of car for paperwork.

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