Charity through Scrap Vehicle

In most of the developed countries, once the vehicle becomes old, there is a strict Government regulation to scrap the said vehicle. They have a clear policy under which it is assumed that the older vehicles say for example petrol vehicle older than 15 years are not considered good enough to run on the road, hence it is mandatory to get the said vehicle scrap after the expiry of the registration certificate period.

It is observed that in foreign countries, norms have been laid down to protect the environment and people do follow such norms voluntarily. Their attitude and sense of responsibility helps the Govt. in curbing any kind of environmental pollution. If we compare the same with our country, we are far behind in terms of introduction and implementation of norms for older vehicle in city like Delhi. It is still not too late to make a beginning and control this menace of pollution by older vehicles in Delhi NCR.

Various large group companies across the world involved in scrap of vehicle also promote Social Welfare Charity, which is generally aimed at providing homes to homeless people, providing them work placements and training opportunities. This helps residents enhance their skills and chances of their employability. Placement & training at scrap car site helps these residents in securing long term employment in the market.

These companies provide not only good price for scrap to the vehicle owner for the unwanted car, but also support charities. People there like to go for such scrap companies which are involved in support of charity. In a way, people intend to help the society anyhow through their efforts and contribution.

Many Indian companies also follow the practice of corporate social responsibility, where the company is involved in some kind of activity like opening schools for poor girl child, constructing toilets in rural areas etc. Indians do also believe in charity, as we can see that in many temples across the country like Mata Vaishno Devi Mandir, the trust receives lots of donations/ charity amounts, which is then spent on development of the area, helping poor, their education etc. By donating in these temples, institutions, people get assured that the charity would be utilized in helping the needy only.

Time has now come, when we need to introduce a scrap policy for older vehicle, in order to curb this increasing level of pollution. With the implementation of this proposed policy, many companies will enter the field of vehicle scrap, and alongside a few of them may as well promote Social Welfare Charity, as prevalent in other countries. It is well established fact that people have tendency to opt for such companies where charity is part of the company’s social responsibility. Individuals and companies can always avail the tax concessions offered by the government as applicable in Section 80G of the Income tax act for donation exemption. By donating the older vehicle to such scrap companies, the individual in fact helps the needy and poor people.

Donate your scrap car for charity now

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