Need for managed car scrap service in India

As per Government of India, India is expected to become fourth largest automobile market in the world and expected to reach sale volume 6 millions annually by 2020. Government of India under its make in India initiative and its project 7% growth YOY of GDP will expand it further to become export hub of automobile in the world and by 2030, India’s automobile industry will be third in the world followed by China and U.S in terms of market share as well as production. Today India’s automobile industry is contributing 5.5% of total GDP providing employment to 10.5 million people. In India, we have total registered vehicles well over to 91 millions adding more and more on daily basis. Due to ease in financing and various government schemes, it starts becoming within reach of most middle and lower middle class to own vehicle for their own purpose.

Today, we are enjoying time of growth wherein government along with industry pushing India to scale new heights by involving into new relax schemes, creating new industrial corridors, investing in research & development to become global leader in every sector specifically in automobile industry.

Today, Delhi has earned tag of most polluted city in the world due to huge growth in population and the same contributed through various means in noise, air, water & vehicular pollution along with increase in waste of domestic, industrial, hospital and solid waste. Few days back, National Green Tribunal (NGT) has ordered to ban all diesel vehicles older than 10 years from plying in Delhi-National Capital region. This order put lot of questions over aftermath of revolution of automobile industry leaving our cities with millions of old/unused vehicles to take care of absence of proper scraping policy. However, ministry has proposed to roll out scheme to incentivize individuals for opting scraping of old vehicles.

Real question still remaina for people looking to scrap their vehicle beyond certain age of vehicles with trusted people who ensure that their vehicle not further used without their knowledge and help them to get best competitive price for old vehicle and here we are well equipped to address this issue and help you to give you hassle free convenient solutions for your old car. We, not only get you the best price but also ensures that your vehicle will not be used further for notorious activity. We make sure that your vehicle will be scrapped or recycled by best possible green norms.

We, at, take pledge to help you get rid of your old car and help environment by scrapping/recycle as per the green norm. Today we are witnessing growth of automobile and we are getting ready that vehicles of today will not pose threat to our society when they come off the road.

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