Questions related to car scrap

Do I need to send my car to you?

No, Cartiff will tow away your car. You need not to bother about towing.

Is deregistration of my car mandatory?

No it’s not mandatory as per law. But you should do it for your peace of mind.

What happens to my car chassis number?

Cartiff will cut metal out from every place where car chassis number is embossed. It will be handed over to you.

How car scrap is handled in other countries?

Unlike India most countries have laws regarding car scrapping. Read more about Global car scrapping policy vs car scrapping policy in India.

What is need for service like provided by Cartiff?

Car Scrap is bound to grow 10 times in next 6 years. The current scrap dealers don’t have capacity to handle this large amount¬†of scrap. Read more about need for managed car scrapping by Cartiff.

How a car is scrapped by Cartiff?

Read the full procedure on how a car is scrapped by Cartiff.

How do cartiff verifies car history and pending cases?

There is a central database where all cases, loan and challan against a vehicle are maintained by RTO. State police also maintain crime and challan records for example check Delhi police challan data.

What if I don’t want to use service of Cartiff, but I prefer to to get my car scrapped by local dealer?

Getting your car scrapped by local car scrap dealer is a time consuming task and there is less awareness among people as there is no policy in India. Read the full article about Scrapping a car in India. This article describes the laws and how to deal with local dealers as well. Also know limitation of unorganized scrap dealer.

My car is more than 15 years old, RC got expired, what to do?

Generally car older then 15 years have no much life left. And it is almost impossible to sell it with full paper work. So scrapping an RC expired car is a good idea as it will save you from misuse of car. You can read further about future of car older than 15 year. Now Delhi RTO don’t give NOC for vehicle when RC is expired, So the car can not be sold legally to run on road.

Can I sell my car to scrap dealer without paperwork?

Cartiff gives strong importance to paperwork. Paperwork will make you free from liabilities for illegal use of your car. To know about read risk involved in selling a car without paper work.

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