Scrap car prices

car scrap prices

Car Scrap Value

Value of car scrap is dependent on how scrap car will be used. You may get a higher rupee value with other unorganized car scrap dealers but with Cartiff you get additional written guarantee that your car or its engine shall not be misused. We provide full paperwork at no additional cost.

At Cartiff, we understand that dealing with scrapping or selling your junk car can be a big problem. But not now, as we buy your used or salvage cars and provide you the best value.

Note: We also buy damaged cars with good scrap car prices

If you want to sell scrap cars for cash, we can ensure, you will get the best value for your car. To work out the value of your scrap car, use our approximate price list below and if you don’t find your car’s model listed then please call us and we’ll let you know what it’s worth based on the expertise of our qualified car value experts. Check below our scrap car prices.

Please Note: Due to low prices of scrap iron the current scrap value is about 20% lower than base value.

Along With Competitive Price you get, Assurance Note, Free towing, and Peace of mind

S No. Model Type Scrap Base Value
1 Maruti 800 Petrol Rs. 12000
2 Zen (old), Esteem Petrol Rs. 15000
3 Tata Indica Petrol Rs 18500
4 Accent, Lancer &Ford Ikon Petrol Rs 21000
5  Toyota Qualis Petrol Rs. 29000
6 Toyota Qualis Diesel Rs. 34000
7 Swift/Polo Petrol Rs 32000
8 Polo/Swift Diesel Rs 41000
9 Tavera Petrol Rs  37000+
10 Tavera Diesel Rs 42000+
11 Innova Petrol Rs 70000+
12 Innova Diesel Rs 80000+
To Know More call/whatsapp: 9266250250

Notes about car scrap prices:

  • Car Scrap prices are indicative and prices may vary due to many factors like scrap metal prices (Steel, Aluminum, Lead and Copper scrap prices).
  • Condition of car also matters. Cars badly damaged with rust will be valued lower then non-rusted car.
  • If a car model goes out of production, its scrap prices go down as there parts are not usable and cannot be sold.
  • Damaged glasses, body parts may also effect price of scrap cars, specially the cars which has good value in scrap like Swift and Innova.
  • Charges to get your car RC cancelled by RTO is not included in this price. Which is optional.


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